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We offer 2 styles of boarding for our dog guests:

Dogs visiting us and stay in our standard dens will be adjacent to other dogs and each dog will have their own den. Each den includes off ground kuranda beds, blankets, clean dishes with each meal and fresh water daily. We do have several double dens for families with 2 dogs so they can be together, they do book up quickly. Approx size of each den is 5.5ft wide x 6ft deep x 6ft tall and covered. We play soft calm music and soothing videos in our den area and the facility is temperature controlled year round with AC in the summer time and heated to be warm and cozy in the winter.  

Our other option for boarding is our Executive Suites. Suites are recommended for dogs who are older, not as social, prefer a little more quiet or just want to be pampered. Each suite is theme designed individual rooms. Approx size of our suites are 10 x 12 and include upgraded off the ground kuranda beds, blankets, clean bowls for each meal, fresh water, soft calm video and music. Temperature controlled year round. 

Dog Den Charges   Rate
One Dog Standard Den, Includes beds, blankets and dishes   $30/day
Second Dog (same Den, Same Household)   $26/day
Dog Executive Suite Charges   Rate
One Dog..Includes Kuranda Beds, Blankets, Dishes & TV   $40/day
Second Dog (Same Suite, Same Household)   $36/day

All vaccines must be administered by a certified vet. *We do not accept self administered vaccines or vaccines from other kennels

Wag Walks for Dogs


Doggie Day Camp

Doggie Day Kamp is an additional service we provide for our Social pets. Our Day Camp is the only INDOOR AND OUTDOOR FACILITY IN FLAGSTAFF.  Heated in the Winter and Cooled in the Summer. Wags yards are clean and dirt free, all yards and outside den areas have K9 friendly artificial grass Wags off leash environment is a supervised program designed to exercise and socialize your pet with other dog friends. We offer 2 separate play yards; 1 yard for Small Dogs [35-lbs and under] and 1 yard for Larger dogs. Pets attending Kamp MUST be spayed or neutered and social. We require current vaccinations and temperament testing/evaluations in order to attend our camp.  Call for more information and to schedule your pets evaluation!

Camp Hours Monday-Friday 7am-5:45pm                                        Saturday 8:15am-4:30pm No Camp on Sundays

One Dog $25/day
Second Dog same family/household $21/day
Day Camp with Boarding OR up to 5 hours of Camp Play Rate
Per Dog $19/per day
Day Camp Evaluations Per Dog $19

OUR DOGGIE DAY CAMP PASSES provide discounts on daily rates. 

  5 Full Day Camp Pass $120   
10 Full Day Camp Pass $230
20 Full Day Camp Pass $440
40 Full Day Camp Pass $840        

                                                   Check out our Pet Requirements Page for Vaccines and Consent Forms

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