Cat Boarding

If you wish to take a vacation or need to go away on business for more than a few days, and you have a cat that you keep as a pet, finding someone to care for it in your absences is a must. Consider contacting Wags and Whiskers Pet Resort in Flagstaff, AZ for Cat Boarding in these types of situations. Our Cattery offers a variety of amenities, to ensure your pet is cared for properly and to give you peace of mind. Here are some benefits you will obtain when choosing Pet Boarding over having someone come to your home to care for your cat.

Cat Boarding

Our Catery boarding provides large dens for cats full of warm beds, shelving, and window areas to keep them comfortable and active. Our cat room is segregated away from the dogs. Your cat will enjoy lounging and watching birds from outside their window. Or they can perch and enjoy our 60 gallon fish aquarium, at night it has a beautiful lavendar glow.  Our staff will keep them entertained and provide them with plenty of play and snuggles as well. Our Catery room is temp controlled year round. We provide, bedding, dishes, litter and litter box. 

Boarding Rates per Cat is $22 per day. Bedding, litter box and dishes are included. Check out time is the same as our other boarding pets 12PM (Noon) Except for Sundays.  Sundays check out times are 1-3pm no charge, anytime after 3pm would be a partial day rate of $19  All Cats Must be Litter Box Trained, healthy and easily handled 

DIETARY:   It is best to bring along your cats food while you are away. This way they are not eating a new brand that could cause them to suffer from digestive issues. Bring your cat's food in a zip lock style bag or small food bag. This will help with the avoidance of spillage or contamination.  If your cat hasn't had trouble stomaching different types of food in the past, we do have food available for an additional daily cost of $4 per day

Feline Vaccines Requirement:  Rabies, FVRCP, and *Feline Leukemia (required for all cats under the age of 9). *In some cases for our senior cats  over 9 yrs of age, your Vet may elect to perform a Leukemia test ( negative test result) instead of the vaccine.  In these cases we would need the results and letter from your Veterinarian. If your pet tests positive we would not be able to board them.  For more information please feel free to contact us.

Contact Wags and Whiskers Pet Resort in Flagstaff, AZ to find out more about our Cattery at 928-214-9324 today.

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