Doggie Day Kamp/ OFF Leash Play

Is your dog home alone during the day?  Does your dog exhibit destructive behavior? Are the neighbors complaining of your dog barking while your gone?  Is your dog sleeping the day away or you just don't want them to be home alone?   Wags and Whiskers Pet Resort can help!  There are a few ways that sending him to daycare can benefit you and your dog.

1.  Avoid Loneliness

When you are gone all day, your dog will get lonely. Some dogs deal with their loneliness by sleeping the day away, which isn't good  then they are up all night. Other dogs can become destructive as a way to deal with their loneliness. When you come home, your trash, your throw pillows or your favorite shoes might be chewed up. The best way to curb your dog's loneliness is to put him in doggy daycare.

2.  A Chance to Socialize

Doggy daycare gives your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs. It is important  that dogs learn to behave appropriately when you encounter other dogs in the park or on the street.  It is also a great time to play, run, jump and be around other dogs.  Just like humans, dog need friends and socialization. Doggy daycare is a great place for your dog to find their new best friend.

3. An Outlet for Their Energy

Exercise is necessary for your dog to be healthy. When they are at doggy daycare, they will have plenty of opportunities to get the exercise that they need.  Exercise includes, running, jumping, climbing, and appropriate games with our pet techs. If they spend their days at doggy daycare, they will be just as tired as you are when they come home.

4. Bathroom Breaks

Your dog  needs bathroom breaks during the day. Many dogs can hold it for several hours while you are at work; however, if you are working late or if you need to do something after work, they might not make it. If they are at doggy daycare, they will get all of the bathroom breaks  they need. This will prevent you from worrying if you are going to be late coming home from work.

5. A Structured Routine

Structure and routines are essential for dogs. Being absent from the house for the majority of the day will make it impossible to form a structured routine. Your dog will spend their days sleeping on and off, waiting for you to come home. At doggy daycare, they will have a daily routine the same way that you do. Also, the change of scenery will be good for them.

Bring Them to Our Camp Today!

If you want your dog's days to be fun, safe and enjoyable, Wags and Whiskers Pet Resort can help. Our Doggy Day Camp will give your dog a chance to socialize, exercise, and get the attention that they need during the day. We have over 4000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play area. Our yards are designed with K9 artificial grass, shade, fresh water, and resting spots for your dog to enjoy! In the winter months the indoor area is heated.  You can call us at 928-214-9324 to learn more or to schedule your dogs evaluation appointment today! All dogs attending camp MUST be spayed or neutered. Vaccines required: 1 or 3 year rabies, 1or 3 year dhpp and a bordetella vaccine every 6 months. All Vaccines need to be vet administered.

CAMP COSTS:  Eval is $19  Full day of Camp $25   Half Day (5 hours or less) $19


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